Improving the Passenger Experience

Optimized Technology solutions for improving both Performance and User Experience

Thinking Out of the Box

Passenger Flow Efficiency

Data Driven Cloud

Where User Experience meets Revenue Optimization

As the final stage of the outbound journey, the gate area and boarding process are the last impression we have of a destination, and hence the passenger experience is vital.

Airlines and airports alike are pursuing the growth of non-aeronautical revenues. There is a growing emphasis for airports to develop potentially higher margin, non-aeronautical income streams as the primary revenue source and we can help to do it.

We know that ancillary revenues are an increasingly important part of the mix of airlines incoes and we are conviden that our device could help to increase even more this mix.

  • It helps collecting weight and size penalties, it generates revenues.
  • It helps collecting revenues from advertising.
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21st Century Technology to Improve Passenger Flow and OTP

Advanced Hand Luggage Classification and Control deeply impacts and improves the entire Passenger Experience and Performance

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • No impact on the On Time Performance
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Data Analysis for Processes Improvement
  • Benefits with No Investment Cost
  • Improved Boarding Performance
  • Integration with Airline and Airport Systems
  • Business and Marketing Information
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What We Provide


We develop innovative solutions for our client´s problems, applying new "out-of-the-box" approaches to face new complex problems.


Our solution introduces innovation and improves the passenger experience in an outdated process that produces disatisfaction.


We provide a service. We make the investment for our clients and we provide everything it takes for a full service deployment.


We are open to assess clients in facing and resolving their problems.